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Cum suna un sistem intreg de operare sa aiba o marime de doar 2MB? Pentru oricine suna cam imposibil insa un tip care conform lui este, a fost cel mai bun coder din lume a facut Template OS care are o marime de doar 2 mega si porneste intr-o secunda.
Are propriul limbaj de programare scris 100% de aceasta.

You can't do anything until you burn a TempleOS CD/DVD from the ISO file
and boot it, or you aim your virtual machine's CD/DVD at the ISO file
and boot.

TempleOS is 64-bit and will not run on 32-bit hardware.

TempleOS requires 512 Meg of RAM minimum and can have 256 Gig of RAM or more!

TempleOS files are compressed with a nonstandard LZW format and the source
code can only be compiled by the TempleOS compiler because it is HolyC, a
nonstandard C/C++ dialect.  You must boot TempleOS.  Then, you can compile it
because it is 100% open source and all source present on the distro.

If attempting to run on native hardware, TempleOS may require you to enter I/O
port addresses for the CD/DVD drive and the hard drive.  In Windows, you can
find I/O port info in the Accessories/System Tools/System Info/Hardware
Resources/I/O ports.  Look for and write down "IDE", "ATA" or "SATA" port numbers.
In Linux, use "lspci -v".  Then, boot the TempleOS CD and try all combinations.
(Sorry, it's too difficult for TempleOS to figure-out port numbers, automatically.)
In acest articol se vorbeste mai pe larg despre acest OS si autorul chiar se intreaba cum am putut sa deviem atat de mult, acesta facand o comparatie intre numarul de linii de code pentru a face un driver video pentru Template OS si Windows.
Terry A. Davis a murit anul acesta si sufera de schizophrenic. In timpul cand traia a fost banat de mai peste tot pentru ca multi il acuzau ca find rasist printre altele, insa cand esti la un nivel de intelect atat de sus, prostiile astea cu rasism sunt neimportantate, pentru ca vezi lumea diferit.

IN 99% din cazuri la cei care au un intelect mult peste media, relatile inter umane sunt o problema. Imi aduc aminte de povestea unui doctor chirurg american care a fost dat in judecata de o pacienta care tocmai ii salvase viata pentru ca nu a venit sa o intrebe cum se simte. La proces acesta a spus ceva de genul:
In timpul operatiei trebuie sa ma gandesc la o mie de lucruri in acelasi timp. Nu am timp, nu stiu, nu pot cum e treaba cu relatiile inter umane s daca ma gandesc mai bine, nici nu vreau sa stiu. Tu ca pacient ai de ales intre un doctor care iti poate salva viata cand toti ti-au spus ca nu se poate sau unul care vine la tine si te intreaba de 10 ori pe zi cum te simti si care in final te va trimite la mine sa iti salvez viata pentru ca el nu stie, nu are cunostintele necesare pentru a o face.
Avem tendinta sa tratam acest tip de persoane foarte rau pentru ca nu ne spun Buna Ziua atunci cand ii salutam.

Since a lot of people are commenting with no idea about TempleOS or who Terry A. Davis was, I'll clear some things up. Terry A. Davis was a schizophrenic programmer who wrote an operating system to talk to god he called TempleOS. TempleOS served two purposes: to simulate the C64 experience on an AMD64 CPU, and for Terry talk to god. TempleOS was seen as an oddity in the OS world but it led to a cult following just because of how surreal it was. It was the programming version of outsider art, an OS written by a man who followed God's instructions in some ways, such as only being 640x480 with 16 colors and having only PC speaker beeps for the audio, along with absolutely no USB support. He used to do livestreams where he programmed which later turned into him ranting about bioluminescent African-American CIA agents like the one he killed with his car in 1999 and watching random YouTube videos and music videos. His streams were an experience to say the least, such as this time when he decided to stream himself showing off his amazing operating system. He talks about his time at Ticketmaster as he wrote them an operating system for the VAX computers they used at the time, and it was a job he held until 1996 when his mental illness kicked in. This led to Terry as he was seen by the internet, with crazy rants fueled by mental illness, bans from numerous websites that didn't understand his illness, and mockery from places like SomethingAwful and hackernews before he got a following on places like 4chan's /g/ board. Terry also believed he was the smartest programmer who ever lived and he did have his own interesting ideas, but sadly his career (and later, his own life) was cut short by schizophrenia. In May 2017 Terry's life began a downward spiral. After being stream banned from YouTube thanks to unfunny trolls getting him banned by emailing him gay porn due to his tendency to read emails on stream, he started filming himself walking outside and rambling to himself and interacting with his neighbors. During that time he skipped out on his medication, took up drinking and smoking, and by the end of the year he had been kicked out of his parents house after fighting with them (there were some recordings he made where he just yelled at his parents). His parents bought him a van and he went on a road trip to various parts of the Western USA which he often streamed till he fell asleep before that was impounded. In 2018 Terry was completely homeless, living on the streets of random towns in California and Oregon and uploading videos from public computers. In August 2018, Terry was tragically killed by a train after walking on tracks in a death that investigators were unable to conclude if it was a suicide or an accident. https://archive.fo/qHfi7 As for this video, I decided to clip this stream segment and upload it to my channel (just an old tech channel I run where I show off things like my UNIX boxes and whatnot). Some further reading: A Vice article from 2014: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/wnj43x/gods-lonely-programmer Jim's video on Terry, documenting his life up to May 2017: A look at TempleOS from a different standpoint: http://www.codersnotes.com/notes/a-constructive-look-at-templeos/ Mirror of Terry's old site: https://templeos.holyc.xyz/
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